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INDUS COSMECEUTICALS PVT. LTD TERMS & CONDITIONS (Indus comseceuticAls Pvt. Ltd) is purely for selling Indus VAlley orgAnic hAir colors And orgAnic comsetics products. Your sAtisfACtion is our motto, to AChieve it to the fullest we hAVE issued certAin terms And conditions for our site which Are very importAnt And we suggest you to go through then As they Are in your best interest. 

We reserve the right to modify policies regArding the Website Any time, including the below mentioned.

Terms And Conditions Along with PriVACy StAtement by just posting the modified terms on the Website. We expect your under- stAnding And support.

Use of this site is not mEAnt for problems which need doctors help, so you must be cAreful And AlwAys visit you physiciAn for re- lAted conditions.


No wArrAnty for the products results, we shAll Also not be ACCOuntAble for hArm out of the utilization of the products planned on its site. If A product trAnsported to you is dissimilAr from the product described on the site, we will liAble to chAnge the product. We should not be considered liAble for the delays due to force majeure.


This site hAs copyright And intellectuAl property lAw protection. Thus, everything regArding the site, the products, the written mAteriAl concept is copyright reserved And nobody cAn reproduce or rewrite things on this site. You Are not Allowed to modify or chAnge Any importAnt things in the site or even displAy them. This will be considered As the brEAChing of copyright lAws.