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Absolutamente. A diferencia de la mayoría de los colorantes para el cabello, INDUS VALLEY PERMANENT HERBAL GELCOLOUR tiene un 90% de ingredientes naturales / herbales y no contiene trazas de amoníaco nocivo, peróxido de hidrógeno, sales metálicas o alcohol secante. Sin embargo, ofrece un color permanente y glorioso que cubrirá incluso el gris rebelde.
Because INDUS VALLEY PERMANENT HERBAL GELCOLOUR does not contain heavy/harsh chemicals some hair may benefit from the addition of heat. Heat will help the colour to take on the gray hair. After application, place disposable plastic cap (not included) over hair and add warm heat from a blow-dryer or heat cap.
If you are not sure which shade matches your natural colour, choose a slightly lighter shade initially. Performing the strand test will help you determine the shade that's best for you. Further, you can take the help of Indus Valley Hair Colour Shade card and also Colour Selection Guide. Gel Power Hair Colour Selection Guide will also help you to choose the colour number you require & also how it will result on your hair. Please ask store owner to help you.
Absolutely. In fact, Indus Valley PERMANENT HERBAL GELCOLOUR's excellent conditioning properties make dull, dry hair more manageable, while looking healthier and more natural. It is safe to use on hair that has been treated with henna or swimmer's hair as well as hair that has been permed or chemically relaxed. Please be sure to use a lighter shade the first time and do a strand test. Permed and relaxed hair can take colour darker and in much less time.
No, because the unused mixture will quickly lose effectiveness. Be sure the mixture completely covers your hair, then throw the rest away.
One pack is sufficient, if you have hair upto shoulder. You may buy 2 packs if your hair are really long. For best results, mix both the powder sachets with both the gel tubes at the same time. Never mix one by one.
Yes, you can. You can apply one shade right over another.
Through polymerisation, colour molecules are locked inside the hair - so the colour cannot wash away.
Polymerisation is a process in which relatively small molecules, called monomers, combine chemically to produce a very large chainlike or network molecule, called a polymer. Hair is made up of mostly protein and proteins are one of many types of natural polymers. Polymerisation causes the hair dye molecules to bond with the natural colour molecules inside the hair. It is not a plastic nor does it coat the hair.
Since Indus Valley PERMANENT HERBAL GELCOLOUR doesn't contain ammonia or hydrogen peroxide, it won't lighten your hair colour. If you choose any of our black, brown, blonde or red shades, your hair will look great no matter what your hair colour is. However, if you want to go lighter, we recommend that you bleach your hair first. Our products are gentle & they are 90% natural.
Indus Valley products are always made possible to maximum natural. In endevaour to produce maximum natural, here is Gel Power formulation break up to understand that it is 90% natural; No. Items Qty. Minimum Natural Natural %age A Indus Valley Gel Power Aloe Honey Gel 100 ML 94.5 ML 94.5 x 100/100 = 94.5% B Indus Valley PERMANENT HERBAL GELColouring Powder 20 g 13.5 g 13.5 x 100/20 = 67.5% Total Natural Herbal %age (90%) 94.5 + 13.55 =108 g 108 x 120/100 = 90.0%
If you don't, you may end up with a colour that is not what you expected.
Indus Valley PERMANENT HERBAL GELCOLOUR should be applied to clean hair with no styling products on it. It is best to shampoo the day before.
While our products are gentle & they are 90% natural, so this has much less chances of allergy. However, few people are allergic to vegetables & fruits. They do contain chemicals that can cause allergic reactions in a small number of people. We recommend an allergy test before every application.
First of all, it's very important to read the instructions before starting to colour - and be sure to perform the allergy and strand test. Next, make sure put the POWDER FIRST & GEL LATER.
Indus Valley 100% Botanical Hair Colour is a scientific blend of 100% pure CERTIFIED ORGANIC ayurvedic herbs from Himalyan region. Since ancient times, these herbs have the quality of colouring as well caring hair. Besides coloring, most of the herbs have the quality of conditioning & balancing the moisture content of the hair.